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Symposium on Nature

NEW book including papers in English: Natur als Politikum (Nature as a Political Subject), ed. by M. Maurer/O. Höll, Vienna 2003

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Conference of the AUPSA (Austrian Political Science Association):


organized together with the Austrian UNESCO-Commission, the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, the City Department of Culture and the Rosa-Luxemburg-Institute (RLI), Vienna

DATE: 14/15 November 1997

Frau Gertrud Hafner, IHS, Institute for Advanced Studies

Stumpergasse 56, 1060 Wien, Austria/EUROPE
Tel. ++43/1/59991-166, Fax ++43/1/59991-171 E-mail: gertrud.hafner@ihs.ac.at
Conference Fees: Regular 250,- ATS, Students/reduced 90,- ATS

End of registration: October 15th, 1997.

CONFERENCE LANGUAGE: mainly German, with a series of contributions in English

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The basic idea of the Conference is that it becomes evident that one of the main problems as this century closes is the concern with "nature". Concepts of space and time, the core of physical laws, the knowledge of the structure of organic and inorganic matters as well as scientific methodology have been changing constantly. "Nature" has become a prime subject of technical and economic activities. At the same time, it is also an important aspect of arts and esthetics as well as of social controversy and politics. However, in a period when "nature" has even become reproducible with technical means, the notion of "nature" has lost its clear profile. In the wake of imminent ecological dangers and the obvious limits of global sustainability, we realize that mankind is integrated in "nature" and its cycles.

The Conference invites an interdisciplinary scientific public to discuss differing meanings of "nature" and its implications. Contributions from a feminist perspective are most welcomed.

The purpose of the Conference is the attempt to find some answers and to consider possible solutions or alternatives to the ongoing mainstream discussions.

Original Conception:

I. Friday, 14/11/1997: Introduction of the conference issues, keynote lectures and Comments (Gernot Boehme or/and Rainer Grundmann or/and Elisabeth List or/and Burghart Schmidt, not yet confirmed)

II. Saturday, 15/11/1997: WORKSHOPS (2-4 contributions per workshop)

a) Different conceptions of "nature" in the natural and social sciences (Convenors: Dr. Margarete Maurer, Rosa- Luxemburg-Institute, Vienna; Dr. Mathias Weimayr, political researcher, Vienna)

b) The discourse on "nature" in the gender discussion (Convenors: Prof. Dr. Barbara Holland-Cunz, University of Giessen; Dr. Franz Seifert, IHS, Vienna)

c) "Human nature" between supremacy and emancipation (Convenors: Doz. Dr. Otmar Hoell, Austrian Institute for International Affairs (AIIA), Laxenburg; Prof. Dr. Volkmar Lauber, Senatsinstitut fuer Politikwissenschaft, University of Salzburg)

d) "Nature" in ecological discourses (Convenor: Dr. Guenther Sandner, University of Salzburg).

The workshops will focus mainly on controversial positions of the meaning of "nature", the "political" implications of the specific definition of "nature", the feministic criticism and reconstruction of concepts of "nature", and the impact and consequences of specific meanings of "nature" for the political, social and natural sciences.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE you can also contact the initiators/coordinators of the conference:

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