Titelbild VOL. 5/6

Margarete Maurer

in cooperation with Elisabeth Heim & Barbara Smetschka

Women´s Studies International.

(Frauenforschung International, Teil 5/6)

Documentation / Bibliography, Part 5/6: AMERICA

Women´s studies, womens movement and feminism in Latin America and the Caribbean (part 5)
Indian-American women, Black women and women of Colour in North America (part 6)

This bibliography contains monographs, articles in contributed works and journals and so called grey literature, published from 1970 to 1991 in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages. It is structured by regional, systematic and historical aspects.
Keywords refering to the texts, review-articles, location of books and distribution adresses are frequently added . Cross references and an author-index facilitate searching for particular items.

572 pages, 17 maps, author-index, list of libraries and databases. ISBN 3-901229-02-7
Price: ATS 590.-, / DM 79,- / SF 79,- / US$ 50,-
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Also available:
Part 4 about AFRICA,
and Part 7/8 with bibliographies, DIRECTORIES of womens organizations, journals & newsletters worldwide, and a list of audiovisual MEDIA on Women & Development.

Please note: All the four volumes contain a very large number of references in English (and in some other languages) so that you do not need to know the publishers language (German) or understand the German title ("Frauenforschung International").



Our institute (RLI) and association (ViF) - a non profit-NGO - exists since 1990/1991.
Our aim is to support womens activities and gender studies, especially in respect to women/gender & development, including ecology, science & technology.

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