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Research project: Gender Research as innovative ressource for a sustainable and socially fair and just development of information and knowledge-societies

(Short title: "Innovations and Transformations")

Research Program: Transdiciplinary Perspectives of Gender Research
funded by the Austrian Ministery of Education & Science

General description of the project - abstract

This project discusses feminist analysis and critiques of new technologies in biology and informatics


Fields of thematic subjects:

The main topic of this project is to find out the position and to evaluate contemporary Gender Research in the context of the scientifically and technically determined transformations within the information and knowledge society in Austria (keyword: new technologies). Methodologically there will be used the method of comparative investigations of selected European regions and countries, whereby highly qualified experts and partners will be included for cooperation. The acceptability and the status of programs in Gender Research will also be analyzed with respect to its multidimensional connections to the existence and progress of gender equality policies in the particular countries or regions.

Crucial points:

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Content and aims:

  • The aim of this project is to provide the Austrian Ministry of science and research with fundamental facts and justified reasonable perspectives for future science & research policies in the Special Research Program "Gender Studies". The focus is on the discussion of innovations and transformations which are knowledge- and technology-based, especially on the new technologies. Grounded on this aim the following questions are to be raised (not yet answered), with the intention to identify interesting future research questions and needs from a feminist perspective:
  • What theoretical approaches, concepts, and methods are highly promising from the perspective of Gender Studies in order to get an reliable analysis of the new kinds of transformations in society?
  • Will it be possible to transfer the experiences with participatory methods of software development into other areas , e.g. into the area of medical technologies, or not? Or how - by which changes and adaptations?
  • Will it be possible to adapt, and to use methodologies of technology assessment in feminist assessments and gender research regarding technological and scientific innovations?
  • What is the connection between the up to now - at least in German speaking countries - two mutually exclusive fields of sociology of technology/technology assessment and Gender Studies, and could these two still opposite fields of research in the German speaking countries be correlated in particular ways, perhaps even combined in a productive manner?
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    Further questions are:


    Prospective value of the outcome:

    The prospective value of the outcome of this project is to provide Austrian politics of science and research with the chance to get straight ahead - nationally and internationally - with a highly qualified research in Gender Research to top level science and research in that field.


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    Research director: Margarete Maurer.
    Funding: Austrian Ministery of Education and Science

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